RFI is an experimental electromagnetic feedback and imaging process. This new technology gives detailed scientific information and objective interpretations for all Auras and bio-energy fields.

In particular RFI generates complete psychological profiles that fully reveal the role of a person’s psychology in their health conditions. While it is not intended for medical diagnosis of a specific illness, RFI does give comprehensive information about a patient’s health conditions.

Perhaps most interestingly, RFI is the first Aura imaging technology that can create full bioenergy charts of objects, plants, animals and even bio energy or brainwaves in the air.


Our investigator takes 40 readings at various points around the body, to measure bio-energies close to the body (for physical Aura) and little away from the body (for psychological Aura) and then some points for the readings of your chakra status. It takes about 15 to 20 mts for the whole procedure for which you are required to remove all metal objects you are wearing(watch, chain and rings etc) We may provide you with appropriate cotton outfit to wear and the investigator will cover themselves with cotton apron and hand gloves etc to minimize their own influence on the readings taken.

Thereafter, you will be given the reports and our specialists will then interpret the readings and explain you the status of your Aura and give you tips for any remedial action and advices. Primarily, on getting these advice you are supposed to consult your family physician or a doctor to suggest you remedial steps, if any.


  • You get physical status as per energy level for the present and is interpreted for future health conditions.
  • Existence of positive or negative energies as per brain response and is interpreted for receiving and giving energies.
  • Chakra status offer opportunities to evaluate the overall physical and emotional energies.