The 7 mukhi Real Rudraksha is available in different varieties. The Nepal and Java Indonesian Rudraksha are the most authentic and powerful varieties of Rudraksha. 7 mukhi Rudraksha Nepal variety beads are larger, thorny with clear and deeply etched mukhi lines. And Java beads are smaller, smoother with visible mukhi lines. Since the surface area of Nepal beads is more, thus intensity of the healing and spiritual frequency is high and shows results faster whereas Java beads take slightly longer time to show results. However 7 mukhi Real Rudraksha benefits for both varieties are almost the same over a course of time. Java Indonesian beads are preferred choice for most of our clients because of their size and lesser price which can be used to make pretty jewelry designs, sample images are below.   Goddess Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, prosperty and fortune is associated with the seven mukhi Real Rudraksha. Goddess Lakshmi is one of the principle deities in Hinduism and is believed to bless her devotees with abundance and riches along with good luck. According to the iconography, Goddess Lakshmi is seen seated on a pristine Lotus flower bestowing coins of prosperity. Flanked by elephants who shower water on Her symbolizes letting go of the past memories and living in the present. Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes rising above the hassles of daily life to form your own environment.


Planet Venus rules the Saat mukhi Real rudraksha. This planet makes us learn and understand our interests, our artistic inclinations, what makes us happy, our tastes and pleasures. Planet Venus The association of Original Saat mukhi Real Rudraksha with Goddess Lakshmi and planet Venus makes this bead divine and auspicious. Planet Venus is associated with Love and money while Goddess Lakshmi bestows riches and wealth on a person. Thus, with the grace of Mahalaxmi and Venus, the wearer of Saat mukhi Real Rudraksha is blessed with name, fame and abundance.

Importance Of Seven Mukhi Real Rudraksha:

  • Seven mukhi Real Rudraksha attracts prosperity, contentment and happiness in the life of the wearer.
  • It removes the miseries, bad luck and misfortune.
  • It pacifies the negative influence and afflictions of Venus.
  • It gives the wearer, peace of mind, abundance and harmony in relationships.

Seven Mukhi Real Rudraksha Benefits:

  • It helps businessmen, servicemen and public administrators achieve greater success and abundance in their respective fields
  • It makes the wearer of positive, free from sufferings.
  • It brings new opportunities related to finance, love and luck.

Therapeutic 7 Mukhi Real Rudraksha Benefits:

  • It regulates the functioning of the digestive system, cures indigestion, hyperacidity.
  • It alleviates ailments of stomach, liver, pancreas, adrenal gland.
  • It gives relief from diabetes.