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Wearing Procedure : Care & Precautions

Wearing Procedure : Care & Precautions

Following check-list may be reviewed before starting the wearing procedure:

1. Ensure that the mala or combination has the correct number of beads. Check that the beads are not used earlier by anyone and are without any damage.

2. Ensure that the mala is made with beads having the correct directions (face to face and tail to tail).

3. Remember that it has to be taken off the body while drinking alcohol, eating non-vegetarian food, while having physical intimacy with women, and going to a funeral (additionally for females during a menstrual period). Do not feel guilty if this is not followed unintentionally. In that case, just re-purify the beads by washing them in pure water and chanting Om Namah Shivaya five times.

4. Ensure that you have paid fully for the beads or mala to the seller. It is observed that unless the commercial deals are completed in full, (except in cases where it is received as a gift), rudraksha does not offer its full effects and gives negative feelings. This leads to suspicions about its worth. Stolen rudraksha should not be used at all.

5. Rudraksha is not confined to any specific religion. It is for the entire mankind. The rituals are incidental and are to be followed willingly and with respect.

6. Rudraksha does not cause any side effects hence undue suspicion about its effects may be misplaced. Do not over-expect changes or magical effects to happen. Its wearing is also not a short-term activity. It has to be worn for the entire life span.

7. Always use new rudraksha and never use rudraksha worn by someone else. If you have received these as legacy or legitimately from near and dear ones, then first perform the purification ritual or Abhishek and then wear them. Old rudraksha should be specially checked for any damage or holes or cracks and if found these should not be used.

It has been emphasized in all the epics which have highlighted the merits of rudraksha that at the time of wearing rudraksha and even while regularly wearing it, it should be worshipped as per prescribed procedures and particularly by chanting the recommended mantras. Shrimad Devibhagawat says that rudraksha should be worn without any expectations and with total devotion and happiness. In doing so, one tends to obtain the knowledge of Shiva. It says that the power of rudraksha is such that even if worn without reciting the mantras, it will be beneficial. However, for brahmins (including those who have converted themselves to Brahminism by taking second birth, or twice-born called Dwij, by sticking to a strict disciplined lifestyle) it is necessary to use mantras. Shiva Puran, while giving the beej mantras, says that blessed are those who wear rudraksha chanting these mantras. Even listening to these mantras gives good results.

Rudraksha needs to be blessed, purified, and energized before they are worn. This is done by performing Rudrabhishek and chanting of pranpratishtha mantras and seed mantras.

Seed mantras for all mukhis are given below once again for easy reference (as per Shiva Puran):

One mukhi -Om Hreem Namah

Two mukhi -Om Namah

Three mukhi -Om Kleem Namah

Four mukhi – Om Hreem Namah

Five mukhi – Om Hreem Namah

Six mukhi -Om Hreem Hoom Namah

Seven mukhi -Om Hoom Namah

Eight mukhi -Om Hoom Namah

Nine mukhi -Om Hreem Hoom Namaa

Ten mukhi -Om Hreem Namah Namah

Eleven mukhi -Om Hreem Hoom Namah

Twelve mukhi-Om Krom Kshom Rowm Namah

Thirteen mukhi-Om Hreem Namah

Fourteen mukhi-Om Namah

For other beads, please refer to Chapter 2. It has been mentioned that the common mantra for all rudrakshas irrespective of their mukhi or type is Om Namah Shivaya or mahamrityunjaya mantra given in the following pages.

Pooja or blessings of rudraksha

Choose an auspicious day or any Monday for blessings

Follow this simple ritual prior to wearing a rudraksha:

1. Wash or sprinkle rudraksha/mala with Ganges water or pure water

2. Apply sandalwood paste.

3. Offer incense/dhoop.

4. Offer any white flower

5. Touch the rudraksha on a Shivaling or Lord Shiva’s photo and chant Om Namah Shivaya for a minimum of 11 times. Thereafter, the rudraksha can be worn or put at pooja place.

For an elaborate rudraksha pooja or blessing, the following procedure may be adopted. Blessing may be done by the wearer, his guru or a priest:

Arrange the following items:

Panchgavya, a mix of cow’s dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd. In its absence, use panchamrit which is mix of unboiled milk, honey, sugar, ghee and curd.

Ganges water in an achamani pot with kusha grass for sprinkling. Use spoon if kusha grass is not available and in the absence of Ganges water, use clean pure water.

 nine leaves of peepal tree arranged on a plate. (ignore this step if peepal leaves are not availabldhoop, incense sticks, camphor, sandal paste, aromatic oil, rice grains, preferably mixed with asthagandha, ghee lamp with one wick, offerings like cloth, flower, fruit, betel nut, betel leaves, coconut.

After taking bath and with a calm and composed mind and a clear body, sit on an asan (mat or clean carpet) facing the east.

Wash the rudraksha with punchagavya or panchamrit Then wash it with water/Ganges water.

Place the rudraksha along with nine leaves of peepal tree. Place an empty plate in front to make offerings.

Chant the mantra Om Namah shivaya three times Sprinkle water over yourself and all the items of pooja Chant:

Om Apavitrah Pavitro va sarva Vastan Gatopi Va Yah smaret Pundari Kaksham Sa Bahya Bhyantarah Shuchih

Om gurubhyo namaha, Om Ganeshaya namaha, Om kula devatabhya namaha, Om ishta devatabhya namaha, Om mata pitribhyam namaha three times Take water in right hand with a spoon or achamani and sip it after each of the three chanting.



Om Keshavaya namaha, Om Narayana namaha, Om Madhavaya namaha

Take water or right hand and pour on ground. Chant:

Om Govindaya namaha

Do three short rounds of pranayama breaths. Chant:

Om pranavasya parabrahma rishihi paramatma devata daivi Gayatri chandaha

pranayamae viniyogaga

Sprinkle water on rudraksha with kusha grass or a spoon or achamani


Om Sadyojatam prapadyaami sadyajataajava namo namaha Bhave bhavenaati bhave bhaavasvamaan bhavodbhavay namaha

Take a flower and dip in sandal paste and aromatic oils and touch on the beads.



Om Vamdevaya namaha, jyeshthaay namaha shreshthay namaha, Rudraay namah, kaalay namah, Kala vikarannaay namah, Bal vikaranaay namah, Balaay namah, Bala pramathanaay namah, Sarva bhoot damanaay namah, Manomanaay namah.

Offer dhoop to the rudraksha beads. Chant:

Om Aghorebhyo ghorebhyo ghor ghor tarebhayaha

Sarvebhya sarva sharvvebhyo namaste astu Rudra roopebhyaha

Again, take a flower and dip in sandal paste and touch on beads.



Om Tatpurushaaya vidmahe Mahadevaay dheemahi tanno Rudraha prachodayaat

Chant Eeeshan mantra

Om Eeeshan sarvavidyaanam eeshwar sarvabhootaanaam Brahnaadipati brahmanaadhipati Brahma Shivome astu sadaa Shivom

Chant Pranpratishtha mantra (Life giving mantra). Offer rice into plate placed in front of rudraksha while chanting this.



Om aas hreem krom yum rum lum vum shum sum sum haum hum sah asya malaya prana eha prana.

Om aas hreem krom yum rum lum vum shum shum sum haum hum sah asya malaya jeeva eha sthitha

Om aam hreem krom yum rum lum vum shum shum sum haum hum sah asya malaya sarveindrayani vagmansyachakshu shodragranapadani ihevagatya sukham chiram thithantu swaha.

Chant these next mantras and give the offerings or give rice to the plate in front of rudraksha: (offering to the lotus feet of Shiva Maha Devaya, I bow )

(Invocation) avahanam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha Offer:

(Seat) Asanam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya kharana kamalebhyo namaha

(Cloth) Vastram samaroayami Shri Shiva Maha charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Sandalwood or scent) Chandanam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Rice) Akshatan samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Flower) Pushpam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Ghee lamp) Deepam samarpyami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Water) Achamaniyam samarpayami Sri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Fruit) Naivedyam samarpayami Sri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo Namaha

(Water Drink) Achamaniyam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Betal nut-paan) Tambulam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha

(Coconut) Shriphalam samarpayami Shri Shiva Maha Devaya charana kamalebhyo namaha


Burn camphor and circle it clockwise three times in front of the plate and chant:

Karpura Shivam karuna vataram samsara saram bhujagendra haram

Sada vasantam hridaya ravinde bhavam bhavani sahitam namami


Chant Gayatri mantra three times

Om bhur bhuvesh swaha

Om tat saviturva renyum bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiya yonaha prachodayat

Chant Surya mantra three times

Om bhu bhuvaha, om swaha,om maha, om janaha, om tapaha, om satyam

Repeat and after each mantra each touch right eye, left eye and forehead

Om apo jyothi Raso amtritam

Brahma bhu bhuvaha swarom

Chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra five times and offer rice to the plate in front of the rudraksha after each round:

Om Haum Joom Sah, Om Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha, Om Tryambakam Yajamahey Sungandhim Pushti Vardanam, Urvarukamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat, Om Swaha Bhuvaha Bhu Om Sah Joom Haum Om

Chant Beeja mantra nine times each

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Hreem Namah, Om Namah, Om Kleem Kleem Namah

Om Hreem Namah, Om Hreem Hum namah, Om Hum Namah, Om Kraum Kshom Rom Namah

Bow or supplicate, then chant this last prayer:

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate, Purnasya Purnamadaya Purna Mevavya Shishyate

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih!

Although several different procedures and worshipping details are followed in terms of various epics, the above-referred common pooja vidhi is complete. However, many would like to wear rudraksha using detailed worshipping for each mukhi. We are giving below the ritualistic Vedic procedure as given in Shiva Rahasya. (Ref. 5)

Facetwise wearing of rudraksha using Vedic rituals Skand Says:

“O Lord Mahadev! Please remove my doubts and explain how rudraksha got produced and how to wear it? I have heard that in this planet and other lokas, rudraksha wearing is considered very auspicious.”

Mahadevji says:

“Once upon a time, a demon king, Tripurasur, became so powerful that he defeated Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, Takshak and other Devas and thereupon all the Devas approached me with prayers to protect them. To liberate them from tyranny of this demon, I equipped myself with a weapon named as Kalagni, which was astoundingly bright, fierce and divine Aghorastra. I closed my three eyes for one thousand divine years and meditated. Thereafter, due to fatigue and sadness (because of the destruction done by the demon), some tears fell from my eyes. Wherever these tears fell on this Earth, where there are the birth and death cycles (mrityulok), rudraksha trees grew. From that time, rudraksha became famous in all the three lokas (earth, sky and patal). By touching rudraksha, one gets benefits one lakh times, by wearing one hundred lakh times and by using a mala and offering jap tens of lakh times.

“A person who wears rudraksha on his hand, ears, forehead and throat will be able to move on this Earth without fear.

“A person wearing rudraksha is like Shiva and is worshipped by devas and demons alike. A person full of sins, impurity and repulsive habits also becomes free from sins by just touching rudraksha.

“Even an animal like a donkey, if dies after wearing rudraksha becomes rudraswaroop, what to say for human beings.”

Kartik asks:

“Lord Shiva! Please tell me the properties of one to fourteen mukhi rudraksha.”

Lord Shiva replies:

“One mukhi is Shiva swaroop (Like Shiva) and purifies one of sins like brahminicide. Two mukhi is God of Gods (Mahadev) and purifies one from the sins of cow slaughter. Three mukhi is blessed by fire and purifies one from the sin of killing a woman. Four mukhi is Brahma and it purifies the wearer from the sin of committing manslaughter. Five mukhi is like Rudra Himself and purifies from the sins of adultery and consuming prohibited items like alcohol, meat etc. Six mukhi is Kartik himself and the one who wears it on the right arm purifies himself from sins like that of getting abortion done. Seven mukhi is Anant (Kamdev) and the wearer of this gets freedom from the sin of committing theft of gold and also of cow slaughter. Eight mukhi is Ganesh Himself and the wearer gets freed from physical relations with women other than one’s own wife. Nine mukhi is Bhairava and should be worn on left hand. It cleanses one from the sins of several million kinds. Ten mukhi is Lord Vishnu (Janardan) and removes fear of planets, ghosts, evil spirits and snakes. Eleven mukhi is Ekadash Rudra (Hanuman). One who wears it on the tuft (Choti/Shikha) gets the benefit of conducting thousands of Ashwamedha Yajnas and hundred Vajpeya Yajnas and donation at the time of lunar eclipse. Twelve mukhi is like Sun. One who wears it around the neck gets freed from sins of cow slaughter, manslaughter and gold theft. He will not be afraid of thieves, fire, elephant, horse, deer, ox, pig, Lion, jackal, etc. Thirteen mukhi is Indra. The wearer fulfils all the desires and gets blessed by good fortune and wealth. They get gold, diamond, silver and mercury and get freed from all kinds of sins. Fourteen mukhi is blessed by Hanuman and those who wear it on the forehead continuously get eternal bliss and Nirvan.”

Skand expressed his desire to learn mantras of different mukhis to which Lord Shiva replied as under:

“Wearing of rudraksha is very auspicious and the wearer reaches rudralok (Kailash) after his death.

“Any person wearing rudraksha without mantras shall be punished with a life in hell.

“The worshipping details are: (Note: The mantras detailed are different from those given along with the bead description in Chapter 2. Even in some cases, the Gods to which the rudraksha is assigned are different. This diversity is typical of our culture, but all the mantras given here are Siddha mantras and the method is fully Vedic and hence can be followed. If any one wants to use those mantras mentioned earlier, it can be done without any confusion.)


One mukhi rudraksha


Om Aim Hum Aaum Aim Om Viniyogah

Take water in hand and chant the following after which throw the water on the floor.

Asya shreeshiva mantrasya prasad rishih, panktih chandhah, shivo devata, hankaro beejam, aaum shaktih, mama chaturvarg siddhyarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah.


These mantras are for your whole body.

Vaamdev rishiye namah, shirasi, panktishchhandase namo mukhe, rim aim aim namah hradi, ham beejaye namo guhye, aaum shaktaye namah padayoh.


These mantras are for the five fingers and the palm.

Om Ham Angushthbhyam namah, Om Aim hreem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om hreem hoom madhyamabhyam vashat, Om Aam hreem Anamikabhyam hum, Om aim Haaum kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om Om Hrah kartalkarprashthabhyam phat.


Touch heart, head, place of tuft, arms, eyes and chant:

Om Hraum hridayay namah, O m aim hreem shirase swaha, Om ham hoom shikhaye vashat, Om aum Hreim kawachaye hoom, Om aim hreem netra trayaya vaushat, Om Om hah astraye phat.

Rudraksha Wearing and Worshipping                                                               


This prayer is offered during meditation of the particular God, who has blessed the rudraksha. Concentrate on Him/ Her and say these prayers.

Muktapeen payod mauktikaj pavarnermukheh panchbhih Ruyksherajit meeshamindu mukutam poornendu kotiprabham Shoolam tank- kripan-vajradahan nagendra ghanta shukam Jastabjeshvabhayam varashch dadhtam tejojjwalam chintaye.

Afterwards, place a copper pot over a vessel full of water. Keep the rudraksha on the empty pot and take the water pot in left hand and pour water over rudraksha. Keep chanting Om Namah Shivaya.

Take out the rudraksha and then wear it.


Two mukhi rudraksha

(Please follow the different karmas as mentioned in one mukhi)


Om Khseem Hreem Kshaum Vreem Om


Asya shree davdevesh mantrasya atririshih Gayatri chhandah, dev devesho devata. ksheem beejam, kshaum shaktih, mam chaturvarg siddhayerthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Atri rishiye namah, shirasi, gayatri chhandase namo mukhe, devdeveshshaye namo hradi. ksheem beejaye namo guhye, ksheem shaktaye namah, padayoh.


Om Angushthbhyam namahm, Om kshaum tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Hreem madhyamabhyam vashat, Om ksham anamikabhyam hum, Om ksheem kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om kartalkar prashthbhyam phat.


Om Om Hradayay namah, Om ksheem shirase swaha, Om hreem shikhaye phat, Om khaum kawachye hum, Om vreem netre trayaya vraushat, Om astraya phat.


Tapan        Somahu        taashanlochanam            dhansamangalam shashisuprabham

Abhaya-chakra pinakvaraan karerdhat mindudharam girisham bhajet


Three mukhi rudraksha


Om Rum Iim Hreem Hoom Om Viniyogah

Asya Shree agni mantrasya vashishthaj rishih,Gayatri chhandhah, Agni devata, Hreem beejam, Hum shaktih, chaturvargsiddhayarthe jape rudraksha dharanarhte viniyogah


Vashishthaaj rishiye namah shirasi, gayatrichhandase namo mukhe, agni devataye namo hradi, Hreem beejaye namo guhye, hoom shaktaye namah paadayoh


Om Angushthabhyam namah, Om rum tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om iim madhyamadhyaam vashat, Om hreem anamikabhyam hoom. Om   Hoom           kanishthikabhyam                      vaushat,        Om      Om kartalkarprashthabhyam phat


Om Om Hridayay namah, Om rum shirase swaha, Om Iim shikhaye vashat, Om Hreem kawachaaye hum, Om hoom netra netrayaya vaushat, Om Om astraye phat


Ashtashaktim swstikaamaati muchcherdeerghere Bhidharyantam japamam

Hemakalpam padmastham trinetram dhyayed vahi baddhamaulim jatabhih


Four mukhi rudraksha


Om Vaam Kraam Taam Ham Eem


Asya      Shree      Brahma       mantrasya        bhargava        rishih anushtupchhandhah, Brahma Devata, Vaam Beejsam Kraam Shaktih, abhheshtsiddhayarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Bhargavarishiye namah shirasi, anushapchhandse namo mukhe, Brahma Devataye namo hradi vaam Beejaye namo guhye, kraam shaktaye namah paadayoh


Om Om angushthabhyam namah, Om vaam tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om kraam madhyamadhyam phat, Om taam anamikabhyam hum. Om ham kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om Eem kartalkar prashabhyam phat


Om Om Hradyaye namah, Om vaam shirase swaha, Om kraam shikhaye vashat, Om taam kawachye hoom, Om ham netra netrayaya vaushat, Om Eem astraye phat


Pramya shirsa shashva dashta vaktram chaturmukham Gayatri sahitam devam namami vidhimeeshwaram


Five mukhi rudraksha


Om Hraam Aam kshamyoun swaha


Asya Shree mantrasya Brahma rishih, Gayatri chhandah, Sadashiva Kalagni rudro devata, Om Beejamm, Swaha shaktih, abhhesht siddhayarthe jape viniyogah


Braharishaye namah shirasi, Gayatri chhandase namo mukhe, here Sadashiva Kalagnirudra devataye namo hradi, Om Beejaye namo guhye, swaha shaktaye namah paadayoh


Om Om angushthabhyam namah, Om hraam tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Aam madhyamabhyam vashat, Om kshamyon anamikabhyam

hum, Om sawaha kahishikabhyam vaushat, Om ham aam kshamyoum swaha, karatalkar prashthabhyam phat


Om Om hradyaye namah, Om Hraam shirase swaha, Om aam shikhaye vashat, Om kshamyoam kawachaya hoom, Om swah netra netrayaya vaushat, Om hraam aam kshamyoun swaha, karatalkar prashthabhyam phat


Haav Bhaav vilasaardhnarikam bheeshanrdhamathawa maheshwaram

Daash sotpal kapaal shoollinam chintaye japvidhau vibhootaye


Six mukhi rudraksha


Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Saum Aim


Dakshinamurti rishaye namah shirasi. Panktich chandase namo mukhe. Kartikeydevataye namo hradi. Aim beejaye namo guhye. Saum shaktaye namah Paadayoh


Om Om angushthabhyam namah, Om Hreem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Shree madhyamabhyam vashat, Om kleem anamikabhyam phat, Om Saum kanishikabhya vaushat, Om Aim kartalkar prashthabhyam phat


Om hridayaye namah Om hreem shirase swaha. Om shreem shikhaye vashat. Om kleem kawachye hum. Om Saum netranetraya vaushat. Om Aim astraye phat


Mayoor Vaahanam Veeram Taarakaasoora Mardanam Vande Shadaananam Devam Kaartikeye Shivaatmajam


Seven mukhi rudraksha


Om Hreem Kreem Gleem Hreem Sroan


Asya Shree Anant mantrasya Bhagwan rishih, Gayatri chhandah, Ananto Devat. Kreem Beejam. Hreem shaktih, abbhesht siddhyarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Bhagwan rishaye namah shirasi, Gayatri Chhandase namo mukhe. anant devataye namo hradi. Kreem Beejaye namo guhye. Hreem shaktaye namah paadayo.


Om Om angishthabhyam namah, Om Hreem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Kreem madhyabhyamvashat, Om Glaum anamikabhyam hoom, Om Hreem kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om Saum karatalkat prashthabhyam phat


Om Om hradyaye namah, Om Hreem shirase swaha, Om kreem shikhaye phat, Om Glaum kawachye hoom, Om Hreem Netra netrayaya vaushat, Om Sraum astraye phat

Rudraksha Wearing and Worshipping                                                               


Anantam pundareekaksham phanashat vibhooshitam Vishwa bhandhook aakaram,koormaroodham prapoojayet


Eight mukhi rudraksha


Om Hraam Greem Lam Aam Shreem


Asya Shreeganesh mantrasya Bhargav rishih, anushtapchhandah, vinayako devata, Greem beejam, Aam shaktih, chaturvarg sdhyarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Bhargav rishaye namah shirasi, anushtapchhandase namo mukhe, vinayak devataye namo hradi, Greem beejaye namo guhye, Aam shaktaye namah paadayo


Om Om angushthabhyam namah, Om hraam tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Greem madhyamabhyam vashat, Om anamikabhyam hoom, Om    Aam          kanishthikabhyam                    vaushat,       Om      shreem kartalkarprashthabhyam phat


Om Om hradayaya namah, Om Hraam shirase swaha, Om Greem shikhaye vashat, Om Lam Kawachye hoom, Om Aam netratraya vaushat, Om shreem astraya phat


Haratu kulganesho vaghna sanghan sheshan Nayatu kulsaparyam poornataa saadhakanam Pibatu batuknaathah shonitam nindakaanaam Dishatu sakal kaamaan kaulikaanaam Ganeshah


Nine mukhi rudraksha


Om Hreem Vam Yam Ram lam


Asya shree Bhairav mantrasya Naarad rishih, Gayatri chhandah, Bhairavo          devata,   Vam      beejam,   Hreem   shaktih, abhhwshtasiddhayarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Narad rishaye namah shirasi, gayatri chhandse namo mukhe, Bhairav devataye namo hradi, Vam beejaye namo guhye, Hreem shaktaye namah paadayoh.


Om Om angushthabhyam namah, Om Hreem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Vam madhyamabhyam vashat, Om Yam anamikabhyam hum, Om Ram kanishthiukabhyam vaushat, Om Lam kartalkar prashthabhyam phat


Om Om Hradyaya namah, Om Hreem shirase swaha, Om Vam shikhaye vashat, Om Yam kawachya hum, Om ram netre traya vaushat, Om Lam astraya phat


Kapalhastam bhujgopveetam kushnachavim danddharam trinetram Achintya madyam madhupaanmattam hradi smared bhairav mishtadam nranaam


10 mukhi rudraksha


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Vreem Om


Asya shree Janardan mantrasya narad rishih, anushtupchhandah, Janardano devata, Shjreem beejam,Hreem shaktih, abhhesht siddhyarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Narad rishiye namah shirasi, anushtupchhandase namo mukhe, Janardan devataye namo hradi, Shreem beejaye namo guhye, Hreem shaktaye namah paadayoh.


Om Om Angushthabhyam namah, Om Shreem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Hreem madhyamabhyam vashat, Om Kleem anamikabhyam hum, Om Vreem Kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om kartalkar prashthabhyam phat


Om Om Hradaya namah, Om shreem shirase swaha, Om Hreem shikhaye vashat, Om hreem kawachye hum, Om vreem Netra tryaya vaushat, Om astraya phat


Vishnum Sharadchandra-koti sadrasham shankham rathangada Mambhojam dadhatam sitabja nilayam kaantyam jaganmohanam Aabadhamad-haar kundal maha-mauli sphurtkankan Shreevatsank mudaar kaustubh dharma vande muneendreh stutam


11 mukhi rudraksha


Om Room Kshoom Moom Yoom Aum


Asya Shri rudramantrasya Kashyap rishih, anushtupchhandah, rudrao devata, Room beejam, Kshoom shaktih, abhheshsiddhayarthe rudraksha dharanarthe jape viniyogah


Kashyap rishuye namah shirasi, anushtupchhandase namo mukhe, rudra devataye namo hradi, room beejaye namo guhye, Kshoom shaktaye namah paadayoh


Om Om angushthanabhyam namah, Om room tarjaneebhyam sawha, Om Khsoom madhyamabhyam vashat, Om Moom anamikabhyam hoom, Om Yoom kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om kartalkarprashthabhyam phat


Om Om hradyaya namah, Om room shirase swaha, Om kshoom shikhaye vashat, Om moom kawachaye hoom, Om yoom netra traya vaushat, Om aum astraye phat


Balkaaryut tejasam dhrat jataa jootendu khando jjwalam Naagentreih hrutsheram japvateem shoolam kapaalam kareih Khatvangam dadhtam trinetra vilastpanchhananm sundaram Vyaghratvakta paridhanamabjnilayam shree neelkantham bhajet


12 mukhi rudraksha


Om Hreem Kshaum Ghrinih Shreem


Asya Shree Surya-mantrasya Bhargave rishih, Gayatri chhandah, Vishweshwaro devata. Hreem beejam, Shreem shaktih, Ghranih keelakam, rudrakshadharanayarthe jape viniyogah


Bhargava-rishaye namahshirasi,Gayatri chhandase namo mukhe. Vishweshwaro devataye namo hradi, Hremm beejaye namo guhye, Shreem shaktaye namah paadayo


Om Om Shree angushthabhyam namah,Om Hreem Shreem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Kshaum shreem madhyamabhyam vashat, Om Gham Shreem anamikabhyam hum, Om Nih Shreem kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om Hreem Kshaum Ghranih Shree kartsakkar prashthabhyam phat


Om Om Shreem hradyaya namah, Om Hreem Shreem shirase swaha, Om Kshaum Shreem shikhaye vashat, Om Hreem Shreem kawachaaya Hoom, Om Nim Shreem netra trayaya vaushat Om Hreem Kshaum Ghranih astraya phat


Shonambhoruh sansthitam trinayanam vedtrayee vighram Daanaambhoj yugaabhayaani dadhatam hasteih pravaal prabham Keyuraangad kankan dwayadharam karne satkundalam Lokotpatti vinaasha paalan karam suryam gunaaghrim bhajait


13 mukhi rudraksha


Om Eem Yaam Aap Om Iti


Asya Shree Indra mantrasya Brahma rishih panktih chhandah, Indro devata Eem beejam Aap iti shaktih, rudraksha dharanayarthe jape viniyogah


Brahma rishaye namah shirasi.panktih chhandase namo mukhe, Indro devataye hradi. Eem beejaye namo guhye,Aap Iti shaktaye namah paadayoh


Om Om angishthabhyam namah, Om Eem tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Yaam madhyamabhyam vashat,Om Aap anamikabhyam Hoom, Om Om kanishthikabhyam vaushat, Om Eem Yaam Aap Om kartalkar prashthabhyam phat


Om Om hradayaya namah, Om Eem shirase swaha, Yaam shikhaye vashat, Om Aap kawachaaya hoom, Om Om netra trayaya vaushat, Om Eem Yaam Aap Om astraya phat


Peet varnam sahastraksham vajra padmadharam vibhum Sarva lankaar sanyuktam naumeendraadik meeshwaram


14 mukhi rudraksha Mantra

Om Aum Hasphrein Khabphrein Hastraun Hasabphein


Asya Shree Hanuman mantrasya Ramchandra rishih, Jagatee chhandah, Shreem Hanumaddevata, Om beejam, Hasphrein shaktaye namah paadayoh


Ramchandra rishaye namah shirasi, Jagatee chhandse namao mukhe, Hanumaddevtaaye namah hradi, Aau beejaye namo guhye, Hasphrein shaktaye namah paadayoh,


Om Om angishthabhyam namah, Om Aum tarjaneebhyam swaha, Om Hasphrein madhyamabhyam vashat, Om Khabphrein anamikabhyam hoom, Om Hastraun kanishthabhyam vaushat, Om Hasabphein kartalkar prashthabhyam phat


Om Om hriyadaya namah, Om Aum shirase swaha, Om Hasphrein shikhaye vashat, Om Khabphrei kawachhaya hoom, Om Hasabphein astraya phat


Udyan martand-koti prsakat ruchyutam chaaru veeraasanstham Maujjeeyagnopaveeta bharan ruchi shikha shaubhitam kundalaabhyam

Bhaktanbhish daan pravan manu dinam veedanaad pramodam Dhyayeddevam vidheyam plavag kulpatim goshpadee bhoot vaardhim


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