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” Kamal Nidra Dhyan”

” Kamal Nidra Dhyan”

This 12 minute meditation, prayer cum exercise may help you sleep better, whatever might be your current status with respect to sleep pattern This Dhyan is to be done just before you are ready to sleep Primary requirements are.

1. Eat very light food about 3 hours before sleep.
2 20 minutes after meals walk in open area or within the available space for at least 15min..
3 Drink a glass of water before sleep.
4 Keep room dark with low intensity night bulb.
5 Avoid AC and keep room temperature around 23-24 degrees.
6 Use low height pillow, medium soft. 
7 Bed mattress should be soft.
8 Keep head towards south or North only.
9 Brush properly and use dental floss to keep teeth clean.
10 No alcohol, really coffee 2 hours before sleep. 11 Switch off TV at least one hour before sleep.

" Kamal Nidra Dhyan"
” Kamal Nidra Dhyan”


Now start this Kamal Dhyan just before going to sleep:

 1 Sit in comfortable pose Iver the bed. If you sit in Vajrasan it will be better.

 2 Use your palm and mildly rotate your palm Iver the naval area for 3 minutes.

3. Raise both hands, stretch and raise your head towards sky Be in this pose for 1 minute.
2 out hands down.
3 Turn your headvrightbdlowlt very slowly and then same way towards left andvreoeat total1.2.3 3 timed.


4 Our hand on bed palm upwards and take deep breath and exhale very slowly.

5 Repeat three times. 


During these steps think vastness if nature and the Supreme power and see your small role in the worldly activities. Surrender totally to the Supreme power and pray to pardon anything wrong done by you during the day. .Be grateful to nature and all people and pray for welfare of all.

Try to free your neck and shoulders for any pain or spasm by pressing the area mildly. Remember neck area is responsible for any sleep disorder (Vishuddh Chakra).

This Kamal Dhyan will benefit you and within 3-5 days Practice may start showing Results.
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