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Why Rudraksha is called a “Miracle Bead”

Why Rudraksha is called a “Miracle Bead”

As per Shiv Puran ,Lord Shiva did Tapasya keeping His eyes open for thousand divine years to obtain ” Aghor” bow and arrow to kill the powerful demon Trupurasur. Tears fell from His eyes due to the effort and feeling of attainment .Rudraksha trees grew up wherever the tears fell The story reveals the true nature of Rudraksha, which is blessing of Lord Shiva, and it reassures that if you perform your duty properly and wear Rudraksha, you will get success.

There are lacs and lacs of people who are wearing Rudraksha Many wear these just as a part of ritual without exactly following the wearing procedure However, those wearing these beads following correct procedures have been receiving miraculous benefits and these correct steps are as under:

1 correct way of making the mala so that it’s energy remains balanced( stringing beads head to head and tail to tail).
2 Use good quality beads and in suitable numbers.
3 Used Shiva mantras while wearing.
4 Beads are kept slightly moist and kept clean.
5 Rudraksha is a tantra product and hence blessing of Shuva and Shakti I’d obtained by following simple Pooja rituals.

In absence of suitable guidance, the above procedures appear complicated which is not true App steps are dimple but some initiative and effort is required People have fought severe diseases won court battles, have become victorious against competition and got success in their business or profession by following these procedures. Therefore, Rudraksha offers miraculous effects if you believe in power if Karma’s and also follow simple rituals as briefly described above.

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