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” Rudraksha Therapy “

” Rudraksha Therapy “

An introduction KamalSeetha is an expert in Rudraksha field and an exponent of Rudraksha therapy. He has integrated properties of Rudraksha based on ancient scriptures and medicinal properties proven by trias conducted in scientific experiments He had been administrating extracts if Rudraksha beads, leaves and bark of Rudraksha tree to individuals suffering from serious ailments.

He himself has used these within his close circle with great efficacy and would like it to use it wisely. We would welcome some individual or companies to take-up the research further and conduct clinical trials for which we will provide all backup information Rudraksha therapy involves wearing of appropriate Rudraksha as a first step Giving Rudraksha Powder or it’s extract orally I’d another step. Using leaves or bark from Rudraksha trees to prepare extract is another step This Orlando administration has been found useful in treating serious ailments like diabetes, cardiac disorders, and cancer.

Rudraksha therapy for prevention of some common ailments at involve using water therapy in which Rudraksha beads are immersed in water overnight and then drinking this water. Blood pressure control, increasing immunity and overcoming general stomach disorders are achieved by using water therapy. Bette results are achieved if copper vessel is used for storing water Rudraksha therapy had a big future, not yet explored properly.

Lord Shiva has given Rudraksha to human race to reduce or remove physical and mental sufferings and therefore has a reassuring future.